Understand the Buyer When Trying to Sell Your Home

Hi everyone! When you’re ready to sell your Ft. Worth home, it will sell faster if you put yourself in the buyer’s shoes – which is something many sellers forget to do. Your home means a lot to you and there’s an emotional connection there with the walls housing your special memories.

But for the buyer, that’s not there.

The buyer needs to be able to see themselves living in your home. They can’t do that if all they can see is your life. It sounds strange, but you need to remove anything that shows the house has been personalized.

That means putting away framed photos on tables, taking family pictures down from the walls and packing up items that personalize your home – such as sports team items, awards, accomplishments, affiliations with organizations and decorations.

What you want to do is to create a blank slate so that when a buyer walks in, he or she doesn’t see your house – they see what their own sentimental items would look like placed in their future home.

When you tap into the buyer’s mindset, you can find a way to make them envision the possibilities and see a potential a connection living in what was once your home.

Walk around the outside and inside of your home and give it a critical once over – because you can bet a buyer isn’t going to look at your home with any sentimental attachment.

You might be thinking, “A buyer can move right in” while he’s thinking, “look at all I have to do to make this move-in ready.” When you eliminate any questionable issues, you can bring a more positive slant to the prospective buyer’s visit.

Your house should be neat. Every bed needs to be made, and don’t have dirty laundry around – or even clean laundry that still needs to be folded. Have your carpets and rugs steam cleaned if they need it (you can rent a cleaner if cost is a concern). And wash the curtains so they’re free of dust.

Make sure that your home gives a great first impression. That means your curb appeal should shine. Have your lawn manicured and while your home is on the market. Mow more often. Make sure flowerbeds are well kept – even in the winter.

Don’t neglect the mailbox. If you have a personalized one (or one that’s seen better days), replace it with a neutral, standard one. If you have cracks in your driveway, take care of those. Make sure the outside of your home is clean and free from any dings on the exterior. Have your windows professionally cleaned if you need to.

Repair anything that doesn’t look like it’s in top condition. Make sure the gutters are free of debris. Check your patio furniture and your fence. Make sure they’re in good condition or put them in storage if you plan to keep them. Your front door and screen should look clean. If you have window screens, those need to be in good shape.

Inside your home, get rid of anything that reduces the size of a room. If you have a huge sofa with sectionals, break it down and put some in storage. The less furniture you have out, the bigger your home will appear. You’re hoping to move anyway, so go ahead and put some things away.

Get rid of the kind of stuff that lies around and never seems to have a proper place. Clutter like books and magazines can be removed easily. Make sure that cords from your electronic devices such as televisions and computers aren’t showing. Bundle and clip them if necessary – because while you might see part of life, a buyer just sees clutter.

If your home is painted in colors that reflect your personal taste, it may deter a buyer because he thinks he’s going to have to paint. Go ahead and paint using neutral colors. This way, the buyer can picture himself moving right in. Paint the trim work and baseboards so that everything looks new. If you have dings in the baseboard, fill them with wood putty before painting.

Clean all light fixtures, sockets, and switches. Make sure they’re fingerprint free. If anything is damaged or broken, fix it. Eliminate odors from pets, or smoking. If possible, have your home professionally staged – or learn how to do it yourself.

Put your home’s best selling points up front when pictures are taken for listings. This means you want to bring attention to any upgrades. Showcase all the space in your home. Let the best real estate agent use talking points on what’s good about your neighborhood, what amenities they might enjoy. You want buyers to see their life in your home, not yours.

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