Sell My House Fast: Fort Worth Tips

Hi everyone! If you’re in the market to sell your house in Fort Worth, Texas – you’re in luck – because if you follow a certain set of guidelines, it’ll sell super fast! It’s definitely a seller’s market, and with Ft. Worth real estate, you’ll have people putting in offers quickly.

The first thing I recommend is getting your house in the right shape to show. Not every homeowner is a professional “home stager” but you can do a few things that elevate the response you get from showings.

Do the following at a minimum:

  • Clean everything as well as possible – from the outside to the inside, from ceiling to baseboards. Kind of like buying a car, your buyers want a home that’s been well taken care of. If it’s pollen season, wipe the yellow stuff down – if it’s fall, rake the leaves. Summer and dry in Ft. Worth? Dust!
  • Declutter the rooms so it looks spacious. Money-wise, they’re paying for every square foot – so if you look around your room at YOUR beloved items and feel cozy, just remember to them, it’s not sentimental. They need to feel like it’s roomy and actually, impersonal is better – it helps them see themselves there, instead of feeling like they’re invading your space. The Container Store in Ft. Worth has a ton of great organization bins and gadgets to help you. (There’s one off Hulen and 30)
  • Improve on first impressions. Curb appeal is no lie – people have a gut instinct right when they drive up, so spiff it up from the outside and they won’t be on defense the rest of their visit. Plant flowers, paint – touch it all up.
  • Repair anything visual inside. If paint is chipped or something’s in bad disrepair, it might help to fix it before the showing. Even if it’s a major repair, that can be factored into the sale because it’s an upgrade the buyer won’t have to make later.

Second, find the right real estate agent to help you sell it. It sounds great going the “by owner” route until you realize you’re stuck dealing with a ton of hassle, eating up your time and patience.

The KEY to making this worth your while is to find an ethical agent. You want someone who will go to bat for YOU to get the most out of your home in the fastest way possible Рnot just unload it so he or she can get a commission.

If you need a recommendation, I’ll steer you to someone who I consider “salt of the earth” ethics-wise who deals in Ft. Worth real estate of many¬†levels. It’s the Murphy Real Estate Team. Love their innovative ideas and the attention clients get.

If you already have someone lined up, watch their behaviors and trust your gut on whether or not they’re making you feel at ease. You want them on your side, not the buyer’s. Look at their online media – do they make you feel comfortable or cautious?

When you find someone, try to give them ample time to show your home. The more open you are, the faster your house will sell on the market – because they have to try to find a good time for the buyer to stop by, and it has to align with your best availability – so be flexible.

Third, do some research into what people looking to buy a home in Ft. Worth are seeking. It’s more than just the house. It’s the neighborhood, the schools, the shopping, the safety – all of the above.

You want to be able to discuss or somehow showcase the benefits of living in your area, not just the exact address they’re considering buying. You want to eliminate their reasons to keep looking elsewhere – make it a no brainer decision.

One thing I recommend that combines the second and third items is that you find a real estate agent adept at social marketing. So many of these agents simply slap up still photo “listings” and what you really want is someone who can convey a personality in their posts and videos and get buyers coming to them to schedule a viewing.

These kinds of agents will be able to handle the discussions for you – about why your home is the perfect investment for them. They’ll know what people relocating to the area are looking for (such as great hiking or biking trails, entertainment, arts and more).


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